Outreach Volunteer - Major Accounts


                  Outreach Volunteer - Major Accounts 

The Mask Project


The Mask Project is a non-profit organization made up of 35+ volunteers around the globe, designing, sourcing and distributing urgently needed medical equipment and supplies to meet the challenges of COVID-19.  

An affiliate of the Helpful Engineering incubator platform, Mask Project has several open source designs in production and development: The ORIGAMI Face Shield, The RIGID Respirator Mask, and cloth Maker Masks.

Our team is especially passionate about The ORIGAMI Face Shield: a new, low cost, disposable face shield that protects health care providers and emergency responders against droplets, splatter and spray. Made of strong, lightweight PET plastic (including PET donations by our partners at The Coca-Cola Company), this advanced shield design is manufacturable in large quantities (100,000+ daily), quickly, and at low cost to meet urgent needs. 

The ORIGAMI Face Shield, a Class I Exempt product, is made in a network of ISO 9001 certified U.S factories. It has undergone extensive medical testing, trialing, and is in use by Alta Bates (Sutter Health) in the San Francisco Bay Area and many others. The FDA has announced that it will temporarily waive enforcement of certain regulations for face shields during the COVID crisismaking our face shield an accepted, beneficial, and safe choice for healthcare workers and hospitals to use.


We are eagerly searching for more volunteers for The Mask Project, especially someone who can dedicate four or more hours daily, over the next two months, focusing on outreach to major accounts.

Working with our Head of Outreach and the six Regional Outreach teams across the USA (Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Southeast, Central, Northwest and Southwest), you will research and identify pressure points for our outreach goals, and pursue and establish relationships with specialized, complex, one-off  large groups/major accounts and potential partners. Major accounts may include major hospital chains, national procuring and distribution points (FEMA etc.), Medical distributors (Henry and Schein etc.), and applicable state and global unions (The Nurses Union, Nurses United, etc.).

Gaining an understanding of their challenges and needs, you will then present The ORIGAMI Face Shield and The Mask Project as a possible solution and partnership opportunity. Through your important volunteer work, you will help organizations connect and deploy much-needed equipment to the hands of those fighting COVID-19 at the front lines.

As an Outreach Volunteer - Major Accounts, you have an applicable background in sales, business development, outreach, and/or sales management. Specific experience with medical products, the healthcare industry, and specialized and complex business development and sales would be beneficial but not necessary. You thrive in a rapidly changing environment and have an eagerness and passion for our cause at The Mask Project. 

To apply for this Mask Project volunteer role, please contact @Christi via Helpful Engineering Slack, or email recruiting@maskproject.tech to express your interest.