Origami Face Shield Purchasing Options

Face shields based on the Helpful Engineering Origami design can be obtained from multiple  manufacturers. Each manufacturer sets their own price and delivery dates. Contact the manufacturer  directly to place an order.

Supplier URL/Email / Phone Qty per order Note
K&W Finishing Kathyrn Holmes (410) 566-0777 kathy@kwfinishing.com 100 to 1M+ Price about $1 each
Xometry Order Online
Greg Paulson (240) 388-9364
100 to 1M+ ISO-13485 certified facility

The product shipped to you may differ somewhat from photos and samples you have seen. For example the thickness may vary. Some shields may have a thin protective film added to prevent scratches, which must be peeled off by the user; others may not. If variations like these are a concern, you may request a sample from the manufacturer or order a small quantity first to make sure their specific product meets your needs.