About Us

We are an all-volunteer team of experienced engineers and business people who have come together to accomplish a crucial humanitarian mission

            Design and deliver scarce medical products and PPE that are needed to combat the coronavirus outbreak -- focusing on products where the existing industry structure and supply chain are unable to meet the need. 

We are stepping up to create a new global supply chain for face shields and other health related supplies and equipment, a supply chain that brings life-saving products to the health care workers and others who urgently need them.   Supply chains worldwide have been severely disrupted, and they cannot currently deliver anything near the quantity of face shields and other PPE needed to combat the pandemic.

We operate in the manner and spirit of a fast-moving, results-oriented, business start-up.  However, our aim is to help solve a humanitarian crisis, not to build a business.  We measure our success in lives saved and illness prevented.  This is our moral North Star, and as a non-profit in formation, this is our clear public commitment. 

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