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The Origami Face Shield

  • Designed and tested for rapid deployment in crisis situations

  • Already in production and being distributed to at-risk communities around the world

  • Shields are in stock

  • If you have manufacturing capacity to cut PET, you can download the design files to make your own shields. 

Under Development

  • Developing a safe, reusable, sterilizable respirators that can use a range of filter media

  • Modular design 

  • Testing to NIOSH and ASTM standards

  • Leveraging existing manufacturing supply chains to mass produce

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Please join us in supplying PPE to those in need

We need your help printing, testing, distributing and funding this project!
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The Mask Project

  • Started on the Helpful Engineering incubator

  • An all-volunteer organization of engineers, supply chain experts, and health care professionals.

  • Dedicated to new, safety equipment delivery to providers and those in need

Our Partners

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